Attorney General James Statement On Census Case  

NEW YORK - In response to the ACLU’s motion to request that the Supreme Court of the United States reconsider the case regarding the addition of a citizenship question to the Census given recent revelations about the existence of newly discovered documents, Attorney General Letitia James released the following statement:  

“We remain concerned about the harm that the addition of a citizenship question will cause to participation in the Census. Adding a question about citizenship would incite widespread fear throughout immigrant communities and greatly impair the accuracy of population counts. Any underrepresentation of the real number of people living in states and localities could reduce representation in Congress and funding for New York and other states and localities across the country. This would have far-reaching and long-lasting effects and is antithetical to the purpose of the Census. This is a critically important issue that should not be driven by partisan politics. We will support efforts to bring transparency to this matter and continue fighting to ensure everyone is counted.”