Timeshare Tips

  1. Any timeshare offer mailed to your home in New York or made to you in New York is subject to New York law.
  2. Any offer of a free or low cost tour which includes a timeshare presentation must disclose that a timeshare is being offered and refer to an offering plan which has been filed in New York.
  3. You always have seven business days to cancel after signing a contract with a right to obtain a full refund.
  4. You should read the offering plan and be certain you understand it. You may want to consult an attorney or financial advisor to see whether the deal makes any legal or financial sense for you.
  5. The ad cannot appear to be an urgent and official notification to winners in a contest and must not use any other means to convey a false sense of urgency or importance.
  6. Some of these offers are designed to create the impression that you've already won something -- a sweepstakes or a lottery. In order to collect, you've usually got to visit the timeshare. Any advertisement or direct mail piece making such an offer must state the following:
    • Full description of exact prize won
    • That you must submit to a sales presentation
    • All terms and conditions attached to the prize
  7. The Attorney General enforces these rules and regulations which protect consumers. Any questions or problems should be referred to the Real Estate Finance Bureau at (212) 416-8122, 28 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10005.
  8. Remember, in a sweepstakes offering, the odds of winning anything other than the least valuable prize are very small. However, if you want to play the odds, remember you can just say no to signing a contract, a check or a credit card receipt.