REF Begins Posting Offering Plans and Amendments to REF Offering Plan Database Search Web Page

The Real Estate Finance Bureau is pleased to announce that it has started posting offering plans and amendments to the offering plan database search web page.  The database search results will now include a “Documents” tab when the offering plan and/or amendments associated with a particular filing have been posted to the database.  This new tab will appear to the right of the “Stat Card” tab.  Users may download individual or multiple documents using the appropriate buttons and checkboxes on the “Documents” tab.

Documents will be posted to the database once they have been screened in accordance with New York State law, regulations, and policy.  Accordingly, some of the documents posted to the database may have private information redacted (i.e., blacked out).  Such information includes, but is not limited to, bank account numbers, residential addresses, and purchaser or tenant names.

Please note that, because only screened documents will be posted to the database, the “Documents” tab may not include all documents reflected on the “Plan Details” tab of the database search results.  For example, even if the “Plan Details” tab shows the offering plan and 6 amendments have been accepted for filing by the Department of Law, only the offering plan and amendment 3 may be posted to the “Documents” tab.  Moreover, the “Documents” tab will only appear if documents have been posted for that particular filing.  If documents have not been posted to the database for a particular filing, there will be no “Documents” tab.  Additional documents will be posted to the database on an ongoing basis as they are screened.

The Real Estate Finance Bureau offering plan database is available at  To see an example of a filing with posted documents, look up 130 William Street Condominium (plan ID CD180040) in the database and click on the “Documents” tab.