Lemon law program

Car & Auto

The "lemon laws" for new cars, used cars, wheelchairs, and farm equipment provide a legal remedy for buyers or lessees of vehicles and equipment that turn out to be defective ("lemons"). If your car, wheelchair, or farm equipment does not conform to the terms of the written warranty and the manufacturer or its authorized dealer is unable to repair the item after a reasonable number of attempts, you may be entitled to a full refund. In addition, at the end your lease of a new or used cars, a related law provides a legal remedy to challenge charges for excess wear and damages. 


For issues with new, used, and leased cars, you can seek review by submitting a request for arbitration form:

After reviewing the guide please complete the appropriate "lemon law request for arbitration" form and send it to the Office of the New York State Attorney General — Lemon Law Unit, 28 Liberty Street, New York NY 10005. Before submitting this form, please answer all questions as accurately as possible, especially date and mileage questions. Provide a brief but concise statement of the problem in the space provided on the form.

Fact sheets and guides on New York lemon laws

These informational documents about the New York lemon law include time limits and necessary steps to pursue a claim:

New car lemon law fact sheet  |  Used car lemon law fact sheet
New car lemon law guide  |  Used car lemon law guide


Wheelchair lemon law arbitration program. Seek redress by obtaining a request for arbitration form:

Wheelchair lemon law guide
Wheelchair lemon law arbitration form

Farm equipment

Farm equipment lemon law arbitration program. Seek redress by obtaining a request for arbitration form:

Farm equipment regulations

Farm equipment lemon law

Farm equipment lemon law guide

Farm equipment lemon law arbitration form

If you wish to expedite this process you may complete the appropriate form online, save it as a PDF, and then simply email it to us at: nyag.lemonlaw@ag.ny.gov