Franchisor-franchisee disputes

Franchise Regulation

Franchise-related complaints on file

To find out if a complaint has been filed in connection with a franchise, please call 212-416-8224

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Litigation usually signals the end of a business relationship, but the franchise community has increasingly sought the use of mediation to solve franchise disputes. Franchisees who do not want to resort to litigation and believe they can still work with their franchisors should consider alternative dispute resolution (ADR). While ADR is less expensive than litigation, franchisees should understand that the result of ADR is a mutually agreed-upon resolution, not a finding of fact by a judge, and therefore is not legally binding on either party. One organization that provides franchise mediation program services is the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution. To find out more about this program, please visit the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution website.

International Franchise Association's (IFA) ombudsman program

This organization has an ombudsman who provides confidential listing, consulting, and facilitating services to assist in resolving disputes. The initial call is free to all IFA members and their franchisees.