Before you buy a franchise

Franchise Regulation


Currently registered franchisors

To find out if a franchisor is registered to offer and sell franchises from or in New York, please check the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) electronic filing depository. If not listed, call 212-416-6084.

International Franchise Association (IFA) resources

Franchising basics

Franchising basics is an online course for soon-to-be franchise owners, franchise company employees, franchisees and consultants. Sponsored by the International Franchise Association (IFA), it offers a comprehensive introduction into franchising for individuals considering purchasing a franchise. This course covers a wide variety of topics including franchising laws & regulations and the advantages and disadvantages of franchising.

Franchise sales compliance

Franchise sales compliance is another online course offered by the International Franchise Association. It is primarily for individuals involved in the franchise sales and distribution process such as:

  • franchise executives
  • managers
  • compliance officers
  • attorneys, paralegals
  • franchise brokers
  • consultants

Some of the topics covered are:

  • franchise disclosure laws
  • disclosure requirements
  • franchise registration process

Visit the International Franchise Association website

Legal representation 

The best advocate for you, in a franchise dispute, is a franchise attorney. As franchising is a highly specialized field, you should hire an attorney with experience representing franchisors or franchisees. 

Hiring an attorney should not be done without research. Visit the American Bar Association to find legal help and learn about referral services and issues you should raise when consulting with a lawyer. Do not feel restrained from hiring a lawyer whose offices are out-of-state, provided he or she is licensed to practice law in New York or will retain local counsel to litigate in New York. Another source for examining an attorney's credentials is The franchise associations below may also provide referrals to experienced franchise attorneys.