Smart Seniors: Resources for Older Adults

Smart Seniors: Resources for Older Adults

A Note from the New York State Attorney General

Dear New Yorkers,

Stay safe. Take control. Fight back.

That’s the fight song of the smart consumer. And information is the weapon of choice in the fight against fraud and abuse.

Here in the Attorney General’s office, it is our mission to make sure all New Yorkers have the information they need to safeguard themselves and their assets, the tools to take control and plan for their well-being and the directions for where to go for help or to report a crime.

It’s a sad fact that older Americans are often the targets of fraud and abuse. That’s why it’s important to get a refresher course on making good consumer decisions: from improving your home to planning healthcare to investing your nest egg.

This site will help you do that. We have tips on a variety of consumer, health and civil rights issues; we will keep you up-to date on scams that are making their way around the state; you’ll find links for reporting scams to our office. 

That last point is an important one: it is vital that people report instances of fraud and abuse. If you think you or someone you love is the victim of fraud or abuse, let us know.  We will try to answer your questions, get you the help you need and, most importantly, go after the people who victimize our citizens.


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The Attorney General’s Office is committed to educating the public on key issues the Office is working on such as consumer frauds, senior scams, internet safety, civil and labor rights, and a host of other important issues.

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Report suspected neglect or abuse

Please report suspected neglect or abuse of nursing home residents to the NYS Department of Health Nursing Home Complaint hotline 888-201-4563 and to the Attorney General’s Office at 800-771-7755.

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  • Keeping people informed is an important mission of the Attorney General’s office.
    Here are some publications that are focused on issues important to older adults.

  • Smart Seniors, Smart Investors: Don't be Scammed | En español Smart Seniors, Smart Investors: Don't be Scammed - Spanish
    Tips for older adults about making smart investments and avoiding investment fraud.

  • Smart Seniors Booklet | Smart Seniors En español
    This booklet is aimed at helping senior citizens better understand how to protect themselves against scams, threats to their health, and elder abuse.

  • Residential Care: Protecting Patients from Abuse and Neglect
    Explains the role of the Attorney General’s office, as well as other state agencies, in investigating and prosecuting complaints of abuse and neglect of patients in residential care facilities.

  • Wheelchair Lemon Law
    This law provides protection for consumers of wheelchairs and gives them special rights in the event that the wheelchair turns out not to function within the written warranty and the manufacturer or dealer cannot appropriately repair it.

  • Urgent Care Centers
    Explains how urgent care centers can fit into consumers' health care options.

  • Investor Self Defense
    Tips for making informed decisions on investment opportunities and avoiding scams.

  • Grandkids Against the "Grandparent Scam"
    “Grandkids Against The Grandparent Scam,” program helps to prevent unsuspecting seniors from being victimized by this all-too common scam. The initiative, which includes a new and easy-to-read brochure, aims at empowering students to talk to their grandparents about the swindle.