The New York Attorney General Whistleblower Portal

The New York Attorney General welcomes and encourages whistleblowers, tips, and complaints. Whistleblowers are essential to fulfilling our mission – protecting the citizens of New York. Whistleblowing insiders are particularly critical in opaque industries, where transparency is limited. We take special care to protect whistleblowers. While we encourage whistleblowers to identify themselves, we recognize that many whistleblowers have legitimate concerns about their anonymity because they are reporting conduct by their employers, associates, or members of their community. The New York Attorney General Whistleblower Portal allows both anonymous submissions and two-way communications with our office through a unique key code that submitters can use to send and retrieve messages. As most people understand, the transmission of this information will be anonymous, but the content therein is not guaranteed to remain anonymous and confidential.

To submit information or documents, you must download the Tor browser. Then, access the whistleblower site using the Tor browser and fill out a simple form with the subject of the communication, a description, and any files to be uploaded. Submitters will receive a secret code they can use to track their submission(s) and communicate with our office.

Open the Tor browser and copy this url into the browser address bar: http://wux56igrepfok5cz5eqszt3xr7ng6tqai2ayplbmvp5qxruax5eicjad.onion

*If you are looking for information or to file a complaint specifically related to coronavirus, please visit our resource page. Complaints filed there will be confidential.*