Appeals & Opinions - Numerical Index

Appeals & Opinions - Numerical Index2011
Opinion Summary Abstract Related Statues
2011-01 The city of Ithaca cannot use its home rule authority to extend the residency requirement established for members of the Ithaca Housing Authority board by Public Housing Law § 429. Download 2011-01
2011-02 The district attorney may not appoint the non-physician emergency medical services coordinator as deputy coroner. Download 2011-02
2011-03 The provisions of Public Authorities Law § 3402(2)(c) govern the number of Nassau Health Care Corporation directors needed to convene a quorum and transact business, and those numbers vary depending on the number of directors then in office and the number of directors attending a meeting at which a quorum is present. Download 2011-03
2011-04 The geographical area of employment of police officers of a village lying partially within two counties does not extend to all of both counties Download 2011-04
2011-05 Discussion of county's duty with respect to trees within highway right of way Download 2011-05
2011-06 A county may by local law assign review of proposed zoning and planning actions referred by a municipal body to its planning department. Download 2011-06
2011-07 Property purchased by the County pursuant to the Greater Catskills Flood Remediation Program was not dedicated as public parkland by virtue of the required assurance in the deed conveying the property from its owner to the County. The common law prohibition against alienating public parkland without express authority from the Legislature does not prevent the County from selling such property. Download 2011-07
2011-08 Approval and issuance of a fireworks display permit is a discretionary act. Failure to grant a permit by the time of a planned display effectively functions as a denial of an application for a permit. A town may not impose additional permitting requirements or supersede the fireworks permitting system established in the Penal Law. Download 2011-08
2011-09 The directors of the Independent Livery Driver Benefit Fund are not eligible for the defense, indemnification, and immunity that may be accorded to public officers. Download 2011-09
2011-F1 Mental Hygiene Law ' 41.09(a) relates to a substantial state concern, and thus a non-charter county may not legislate inconsistently with it to provide that the county legislature appoint the community services director. Download 2011-F1