Appeals & Opinions - Numerical Index

Appeals & Opinions - Numerical Index2012
Opinion Summary Abstract Related Statues
2012-01 A town board is authorized to establish a second planning board to review and determine only site plans within a proposed planned development district. Download 2012-01
2012-02 The city's charter, rather than General City Law § 81, governs with respect to the terms of office of zoning board of appeals members and the date on which their terms commence. Download 2012-02
2012-03 The interest rate and redemption period provisions of sections 46 and 48 of the General Business Law, relating to collateral loan brokers, are preemptive. Download 2012-03
2012-04 City charter cannot be amended locally to change the budget process as it relates to monies used by the library. Such amendments would encroach on the State's authority over education and would violate the prohibition of Municipal Home Rule Law § 11. Download 2012-04
2012-05 Under state law that provides for appointment from both the majority and the minority of city council if the city council has no members who belong to the minority party, then no additional members from the majority party are to be selected to the CDA board. Download 2012-05
2012-06 The position of town historian is compatible with member of the County Legislature. Download 2012-06
2012-07 The Village's park rangers may issue uniform traffic tickets for violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Law within village parks. They may not issue tickets for violations they observe on public streets while traveling between parks. Download 2012-07
2012-08 A village that has a police department must have a chief of police, unless the grandfather clause applies. Download 2012-08
2012-09 Transfer of a town cemetery to a village requires specific legislative approval. Download 2012-09
2012-10 A local law that contains the complete terms of a sale of specified surplus county-owned property can be adopted by the county legislature of a charter county upon a vote of a simple majority pursuant to Municipal Home Rule Law § 20(1). Download 2012-10
2012-F1 Questions relating to circumstances under which logging on municipal parkland constitutes a non-park purpose. Download 2012-F1
2012-F2 The members of the Security Guard Advisory Council are eligible for defense and indemnification pursuant to Public Officers Law § 17. Download 2012-F2