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Appeals & Opinions - Numerical Index

Opinion Summary Abstract Related Statues
2013-01 A town council member may not also serve as financial operations manager. PDF PDF-ICON
2013-02 The positions of town board member and building administrator for the local housing authority are incompatible. PDF PDF-ICON
2013-03 A village school crossing guard may control traffic at an intersection within the village that does not abut school property, if exercise of such traffic control is to aid in protecting school children going to and from school. PDF PDF-ICON
2013-04 A vacancy created by not placing the position of town justice on the ballot cannot be filled by town board appointment. It can be filled before the November 2013 general election only by special election if the Governor chooses to call for one. The term of the justice will commence January 1, 2014 in either case. PDF PDF-ICON
2013-F1 A member of the staff of the BOCES district superintendent who is serving as integrity officer under the supervision of State Education Department is eligible for state-provided defense and indemnification. PDF PDF-ICON