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Appeals & Opinions - Numerical Index

Opinion Summary Abstract Related Statues
2014-01 The positions of village clerk/treasurer and village court clerk are incompatible. PDF PDF-ICON
2014-02 A county is not authorized to adopt a local law requiring that certain residential landlords deposit security payments into an interest bearing account. PDF PDF-ICON
2014-03 When county legislators serve staggered four-year terms, the county attorney’s term of appointment runs during the two-year term of the appointing county legislature. PDF PDF-ICON
2014-04 The battalion chief of a village fire department cannot also serve as village mayor or village trustee. PDF PDF-ICON
2014-05 The Greater Syracuse Property Development Corporation, a land bank, is a “governmental entity” for the purpose of Article 14 of the Real Property Law and, as such, it need not provide a disclosure statement when it sells residential real property. PDF PDF-ICON
2014-06 A town may adopt a local law that would allow its animal shelter to spay and neuter dogs and cats after the expiration of the applicable redemption period but before they are selected for adoption. PDF PDF-ICON
2014-F1 An industrial development agency (IDA) is not authorized to create a subsidiary in order to fulfill its designated function or to provide grants or loans from its own moneys to public or private interests. PDF PDF-ICON
2014-F2 The Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA may not seek federal designation as a tax-exempt organization, solicit donations directly from the public, or apply to state agencies for direct funding. PDF PDF-ICON