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Appeals & Opinions - Numerical Index2015
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2015-01 General Municipal Law § 360 does not apply to the Town’s proposed participation in a pilot Community Choice Aggregation program and thus section 360’s requirement of a referendum likewise does not apply. Download 2015-01
2015-02 The procedure prescribed by Public Housing Law § 34 to remove a member of the Authority’s board applies to the members who sit on the board by virtue of election by the tenants of the Authority. Download 2015-02
2015-F1 Alkaline hydrolysis is a permissible means of disposal of pet remains. An entity offering pet disposal by alkaline hydrolysis for a fee must be licensed under General Business Law Article 35-C and such an entity can be licensed as a pet crematorium. Download 2015-F1
2015-03 Discussion of certain procedures to abate dangerous conditions of abandoned buildings and to recoup costs of such abatement. Download 2015-03