Theatrical Syndications and Ticket Distributors

Laws and Regulations Governing the Registration of Theatrical Syndications and Ticket Distributors

Arts and Cultural Affairs Law, Article 23

  • Regulation 13 NYCRR Part 50 - Theatrical Financing
  • Regulation 13 NYCRR Part 51 - Theatrical Accounting


  • ATS-2 - Discontinuance of Offering
  • ATS-4 - Notification of Intent to Proceed by Means of Waivers (file prior to first public performance)
  • Form 99 Notification Filing
  • TD-1A - Ticket Distributor Registration
  • TD-2A - Amended Ticket Distributor Registration

IPB Rule Proposal
Note:Theatrical offering issuers may file a Form D on EFD in lieu of the Form 99 at the issuer’s option. Theatrical issuers choosing to file through EFD will have to pay the appropriate notice filing fee $300/$1,200 as well EFD’s system fees. Form 99 filings submitted directly to the Department of Law do not require payment of a fee.