Jury Duty

  1. Can my employer fire me because I missed work to attend jury duty?

    No. Jury duty is an important obligation of all citizens. No employer who is notified in advance of a jury duty summons may fire an employee because of that absence. Workers who are fired because they missed work to fulfill a jury duty obligation should contact the Jury Commissioner for the county where they served.  If the Jury Commissioner is unable to resolve your complaint, they may decide to subsequently refer the matter to us.  If you have additional questions, you may contact the Attorney General’s Labor Bureau.

  2. Must my employer pay me while I am serving jury duty?

    An employer of ten or fewer employees may withhold the full wages of an employee absent from work on account of jury service. An employer of ten or more employees must pay to an employee serving on jury duty the first $40.00 of that employee's daily wage for the first three days of jury service. However, the State will pay a jury fee of $40/day for a juror’s service for any days that the employer does not pay it.