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Post date: December 21 2018

New Video: A.G. Underwood Thanks New Yorkers For The Opportunity To Serve

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December 21, 2018

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NEW YORK – Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood today released a new video reflecting on her tenure as New York’s Attorney General and thanking New Yorkers for the opportunity to serve.

Attorney General Underwood was confirmed as New York’s 66th Attorney General on May 22nd, 2018. She will continue serving as Attorney General until the end of the year, at which point she will return to her prior role as New York’s Solicitor General.

In the video, Attorney General Underwood shares her thoughts on serving as New York’s 66th Attorney General:

“Serving as Attorney General of the State of New York would be a privilege and an honor even in ordinary times. It is especially meaningful at this moment, when the Attorneys General of New York and some other states are really the main sources of defense and protection for many important rights.

“The wonderful thing about being here in the New York Attorney General’s office at this time is that we are in a position to fight back. We are in a position to protect immigrants, reproductive rights, the environment, equality, workers, consumers, investors, and the rule of law.

There are a lot of people who are wringing their hands and are concerned and upset about what’s happening, and wish they could do something. We can do something. And we’re going to keep doing it with all our energy and all our might.

“It’s been an honor to lead the office in this work at this time.”

“I’m honored to be resuming my role as New York’s Solicitor General in the new year -- and I know that with Attorney General-Elect James, we’ll continue and expand our efforts to protect New Yorkers and fight for equal justice for all,” said Attorney General Underwood.

Over the last two years, the Attorney General’s office has taken over 200 legal actions to protect New Yorkers from dangerous federal policies. Attorney General Underwood has led a number of multistate coalitions in securing major wins to protect New Yorkers and Americans across the country. Some recent legal victories include:

Attorney General Underwood has also led a number of ongoing multistate suits, including leading the lawsuit to block the Trump administration from demanding citizenship status on the 2020 Census; the trial wrapped up last month. Other ongoing actions led by Attorney General Underwood include the suit to block the rollback of Net Neutrality, and efforts to defend the Clean Power Plan.

Other highlights of Attorney General Underwood’s tenure include:

In addition, in June, Attorney General Underwood filed suit against the Trump Foundation and its board of directors for extensive and persistent violations of state and federal law. Last month, the court rejected the Foundation’s motion to dismiss the Attorney General’s case; this week, Attorney General Underwood secured a stipulation dissolving the Foundation under judicial supervision, with Attorney General review of recipient charities. The lawsuit remains ongoing.