AG James Fights To Stop Bonus Payment To Purdue Pharma CEO

AG James Fights to Stop Bonus Payment to Purdue Pharma CEO

NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Letitia James today released the following statement after New York and other states suing Purdue Pharma objected to a bonus payment in the millions for the company’s CEO:

“As Purdue Pharma continues to claim it cannot pay creditors what it owes in bankruptcy court, the company has somehow found millions to pay its CEO. This smacks of gall and hubris. Over the last two decades, Purdue has fueled the opioid crisis that has wreaked havoc on this country. Every available penny the company has should be invested in opioid treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery, not on further lining the pockets of corporate millionaires who show no remorse for their actions. As I have said before, we will not allow bankruptcy to shield Purdue or its owners from being held accountable for its misconduct.”