Attorney General James Statement On Decision In Title X Case  

NEW YORK— Regarding news that Judge McShane of the U.S. District Court in Oregon has granted a nationwide injunction against Title X rules that would significantly restrict access to reproductive health services and information for women and families,  Attorney General James released the following statement:  

“Judge McShane’s decision today is a tremendous victory for the countless individuals and families across the nation who rely on access to critical family planning and health services.  As attempts to push baseless, anti-choice regulations on Americans continue, my office will always stand up for the rights and healthcare options for all.” 

Last week, Judge McShane of the U.S. District Court in Oregon made a preliminary determination in favor of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging regulations that would threaten essential services provided under federal Title X funding. The $286 million annual grant in question supports a wide variety of healthcare services – not just pregnancy counseling and family planning – but also cancer screenings, STD testing, and other vital preventive care services.

The regulations would interfere with health care providers’ ability to fully inform patients of the reproductive health services available to them by disallowing referrals for abortions and counseling related to abortions. Another provision would require those who perform abortion to physically segregate their services, an expensive and potentially impossible requirement.