Statement From Attorney General James On The End Of The Renewal Schools Program 

NEW YORK – In response to the New York City Department of Education’s announcement to end the Renewal Schools program, Attorney General Letitia James released the following statement: 

“While the goal of the Renewal Schools Program was well intentioned, the Department of Education (DOE) struggled to properly execute the program since its inception, leaving thousands of our most vulnerable students behind. Over the years, I have worked with advocates and experts to better understand the challenges our schools face, and I urge Chancellor Carranza to review the recommendations we put forth to strengthen our schools. The quality of our schools and the education our students receive is of utmost importance and I look forward to working together to improve our schools.” 

As Public Advocate, Letitia James long called for reforms to the Renewal Schools program in order to turnaround our failing schools and protect our most vulnerable students. In November 2016, Public Advocate James hosted a forum on Renewal Schools with  principals, advocates, teachers, and parents to discuss the challenges the program faced.