Attorney General James Announces Over $8 Million Grant Awards To 10 Cities To Develop New Strategic Housing Programs

Attorney General James Announces over $8 Million Grant Awards
to 10 Cities to Develop New Strategic Housing Programs

Cities For Responsible Investment And Strategic Enforcement (“Cities RISE”)  
Advance Neighborhood Revitalization and Help Cities Address Housing Challenges

NEW YORK – Attorney General Letitia James today announced over $8 million in grant awards as part of the Cities for Responsible Investment and Strategic Enforcement (“Cities RISE”). Cities will use these grants to launch innovative programs related to housing and strategic code enforcement. The program aims to innovatively address and transform blighted, vacant, or poorly maintained problem properties through the use of housing and community data from various state agencies.

Launched in April 2017, Cities RISE advances the New York State Office of the Attorney General’s comprehensive strategy for helping New York families and communities rebuild from the housing crisis. In the first phase of the program, 16 municipalities received a two-year subscription to a data platform designed to integrate and analyze data such as code enforcement records, tax liens, and fire and police data to innovatively address and transform blighted, vacant, or poorly maintained problem properties.

“In the aftermath of the foreclosure crisis, New Yorkers are continuing to struggle to find and maintain quality affordable housing options,” said Attorney General James. “Cities RISE provides a thoughtful approach to how municipalities revitalize its communities, and ensures that housing issues are addressed. My office will continue to proudly use the funds secured from settlements with banks to combat New York’s housing crisis.”

Phase two of the program started in November 2018. Ten of the original 16 grantees were selected for phase two. Over the last year, these Cities have worked with Cities RISE program partners to improve their code enforcement strategies and develop new strategic programs. The cities received expert support from Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation and Tolemi, a social enterprise that created the BuildingBlocks platform used by all Cities RISE participants. Harvard and Tolemi helped cities leverage data and evidence in operational work and policy-making. Additionally, last May, the Mayors of the cities attended an Executive Education Program at Harvard. Additionally, cities worked with Hester Street, an urban planning, design, and development nonprofit to develop and launch a comprehensive community engagement process.

As part of Phase two, cities were invited to apply for a grant of up to $1 million to develop new strategic housing or code enforcement programs developed during phase two utilizing their improved data analysis capabilities as well as input their community engagement. All 10 cities will receive will receive between $546,000-$1,000,000 to implement strategic code enforcement programs with an emphasis on making code enforcement more effective, efficient, and equitable.

Enterprise Community Partners (Enterprise) a national community development intermediary that specializes in affordable housing, is overseeing the initiative.

Cities RISE Grantees:

City of Albany
City of Binghamton
City of Buffalo
City of White Plains
City of Elmira
City of Mount Vernon
City of Newburgh
City of Niagara Falls
City of Rochester
City of Syracuse

Enterprise is excited to support this final step in Cities RISE, the culmination of several years of hard work by the government and community leaders of participating municipalities to develop equitable, strategic code enforcement initiatives,” said Judi Kende, vice president and market leader, Enterprise Community Partners. “Enterprise is proud to partner with Attorney General James to give communities across the state the unique opportunity to improve the lives of local residents.”

“We are excited to see these ten grantees leverage data through the BuildingBlocks platform to improve housing code compliance, facilitate cross-agency collaboration, and launch innovative neighborhood revitalization strategies,” said Andrew Kieve, CEO and Co-Founder of Tolemi.  

“Cities RISE demonstrates the power and potential of community-led problem solving,” said Nisha Baliga, Co-Executive Director of Hester Street. “Hester Street was thrilled to support all ten municipalities in engaging residents, neighborhood leaders and CBOs most impacted by code enforcement actions in the process of co-creating proactive and equitable code enforcement solutions. We’re excited about what this kind of participatory policy making can mean for the future of equitable code enforcement everywhere and commend the Attorney General’s office for supporting this community-driven process.”

“It has been a great honor for us to support mayors and their teams in making their governments more effective, efficient and equitable through innovation,” said Professor Jorrit de Jong, faculty director of the Ash Center’s Government Innovations Program. “The Cities RISE program has been a superb platform to help cities build the capabilities to tackle challenges around vacant, abandoned and distressed properties. We are grateful to NY Attorney General James for the opportunity to work with ten cities on making positive change in their communities.”

“This revitalization initiative goes hand and hand with one of the primary goals of my administration, creating a city where every neighborhood works, “ said Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan. “We are eager to put the analysis, technical support, and training received during the first two phases of Cities RISE to work in transforming Albany neighborhoods. The programs that will be implemented as a result of Cities RISE will provide resources and education to improve landlord/tenant relationships, assist elderly home owners with estate planning in an effort to reduce the amount of vacant properties in the future, proactively remove blighted and unsafe properties, and create an opportunity for residents to become homeowners if they are willing to maintain vacant properties. I want to thank Attorney General James for spearheading this initiative that aims to not only make code enforcement more effective and efficient, but more equitable.”

“I join other New York mayors in thanking Attorney General James for supporting efforts to combat blighted and vacant properties and bringing us together on this innovative program,” said Binghamton Mayor Richard C. David. “Binghamton is using data and cutting edge strategies to transform eyesores into opportunities for new housing and community development. Our partnership with the Office of Attorney General and Harvard University Ash Center has improved outcomes in Binghamton and has set a new standard for civic innovation in our region.”

 “The City of Buffalo is proud of our partnership with the New York State Attorney General’s Office, Enterprise and other stakeholders who helped us secure almost $1 million in funding that will provide the resources necessary to transform our code enforcement efforts into a proactive system that improves the quality of housing and neighborhoods for low-income residents across the City,” said Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.“The commitment of NYS Attorney General James in utilizing settlement funding to address our most important housing needs, will provide vital resources to ensure that all of our residents have access to safe and healthy homes.”

"I would like to thank the Attorney General and her staff for the time and effort they have put into working with us and the other cities participating in the Cities Rise program,” said White Plains Mayor Tom Roach.“Through this program White Plains has had an opportunity to closely examine the issues of overcrowding and illegal housing in our community. We have looked at the causes and impacts from a code enforcement perspective, as well as from the neighborhood/community and tenant perspectives. As a result of the Cities Rise process, White Plains applied for an Innovation Grant that will allow us to create an Emergency Rental Housing Repair and Tenant Displacement Support Fund, pilot a new position of Neighborhood Conditions Coordinator/Community Liaison within the Building Department, and increase our overall level of outreach and community engagement. We are deeply appreciative of the professional and funding resources the AG's office has provided through this grant program and look forward to implementing our Innovation Grant."    

“The selection of the City of Elmira as one of the Cites RISE grant recipients is excellent news for both the City of Elmira and the residents of the City of Elmira,” said  Elmira Mayor Dan Mandell.“This grant will help Elmira vastly improve our neighborhoods and improve the quality of life for all of our residents. Many thanks go out to the Attorney General’s Office and Attorney General Letitia James for investing in our neighborhoods.”

“I just want to thank NYS Attorney General Letitia James for her continued support in the fight against urban blight,” said Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard. “Mount Vernon, like many cities around the country, was devastated by the foreclosure crisis, and incentives such as these will start the process of revitalizing in those areas most in need of attention. These funds will also help hire new code enforcement officers that play a massive role in improving the quality of life in our great City. I look forward to working closely with NYS Attorney General Letitia James, and Cities RISE as we move Mount Vernon towards a brighter future.”

“The City of Niagara Falls is proud to be selected for phase two of the NYS Attorney General's office Cities RISE program,” said Niagara Falls Mayor Robert M. Restaino. “The funding provided will greatly assist our city in accomplishing the goals of the Attorney General for cities across New York State. On behalf of the City of Niagara Falls, I would like to thank NYS Attorney General Letitia James for her commitment to assisting improvement of communities across the State.”

“Thanks to Attorney General James and the Cities RISE program, Rochester will remain a leader in ensuring quality, affordable housing for our residents," said Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren. “These vital dollars will help prevent evictions, provide for emergency repairs and help create a property manager licensing program. Under the leadership of Tish James, the state Attorney General’s office has become a trusted partner of, and proven advocate for, all those working to ensure that housing is fundamental human right.”

“Our neighborhoods in Syracuse have benefited greatly from Cities RISE funding,” said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh. “The continued support from Attorney General James’ office will create even more opportunities for us to invest in quality housing options for residents, clean up blighted areas, and energize our resurgent neighborhoods block by block.”