Attorney General James Praises President Biden for Removing Trump’s Illegal ‘Anarchist Jurisdiction’

Unlawful Designation Aimed at Cutting Off Funding to NYC and Other Cities

NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Letitia James today released the following statement after President Joseph Biden yesterday signed an executive order revoking former President Donald Trump’s presidential memorandum from last September that sought to label New York City — along with Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington — with an ‘anarchist jurisdiction’ that would threaten funding to the cities:

“New Yorkers of all persuasions thank President Biden for his decisive action to undo this divisive and dangerous policy of the Trump Administration. Threatening to cut off funding to New York City was not only a petty campaign stunt, but one that endangered every New Yorker as we continued to battle a public health crisis that has affected every corner of the nation. President Biden understands that real leadership requires bringing people together not using fearful rhetoric to divide us. With unity we will continue to build this country back better.”

Following the Trump presidential memorandum issued last September, the U.S. Department of Justice began to assess whether approximately $7 billion in annual federal aid would be cut off to New York City. Attorney General James immediately threatened legal action had the Trump Administration gone through with its threat to cut funding off to New York City.