Attorney General James Secures Major Win Over WinRed In Consumer Protection Case

NEW YORK – In response to a decision by the United States District Court for the State of Minnesota dismissing a lawsuit brought by WinRed against New York and several other states, New York Attorney General James issued the following response: 

“No company has the right to use politics as an excuse for misleading consumers. It’s their responsibility to be honest and transparent with their services, and it’s the responsibility of the states to fight back against deceptive behavior in all its forms. Today’s decision by the court affirms our right to investigate WinRed, and I am proud to stand with my fellow attorneys general to protect all consumers from predatory businesses.” 

In July 2021,  WinRed, a company that processes online donations for the Republican Party, sued New York, Connecticut, Maryland, and Minnesota following the states’ inquiry into WinRed’s use of pre-checked recurring donation boxes in political solicitations. The court issued a decision today dismissing WinRed’s claims that the states have no jurisdiction over the company, thereby allowing their investigations into WinRed to continue.