Attorney General James Successfully Defends New York’s Right to Hold Gun Manufacturers Responsible for Gun Violence

NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Letitia James today released the following statement in response to a federal court dismissing a lawsuit from a group of gun manufacturers and sellers challenging a New York law that gives the attorney general the ability to hold gun manufacturers and sellers responsible for gun violence:

“As we mourn the deaths of 19 innocent children lost to gun violence in Uvalde and the countless more in Buffalo and across America every day, this is a moment of light and hope. New York is proud to defend the right to impose reasonable gun restrictions that protect all of us. As public officials, we were elected to solve problems and address the needs of the people. Prayers alone will no longer do, and cowardliness is not part of the job description. New York will always lead, and I urge others with a backbone to follow.”

In July 2021, New York state passed the public nuisance bill (S.7196/A.6762), which restores the ability of the state and localities to bring civil liability actions against firearm manufacturers and sellers for their own bad conduct. In 2005, Congress took unprecedented action to usurp states’ rights and give gun manufacturers and distributors blanket immunity for gun violence perpetrated as a direct result of their marketing and distribution of firearms. This law combats that federal overreach and provides New York the ability to protect its own citizens.