Antitrust Bureau

The Antitrust Bureau is responsible for enforcing the antitrust laws to prevent anticompetitive practices and promote competition throughout the state. The bureau enforces New York's antitrust laws (Donnelly Act) and also has the authority to sue for violations of federal antitrust laws (Sherman and Clayton Acts). 

Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau

The Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau prosecutes businesses and individuals engaged in fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, or illegal trade practices. In addition to litigating, the bureau mediates thousands of complaints each year from individual consumers.

Bureau of Internet and Technology

The Bureau of Internet and Technology is committed to protecting consumers and families from new and developing online threats. As a pioneer in this field, the office has brought cutting-edge cases and entered important settlements related to a wide range of online and technology issues, including child safety, privacy, deceptive or illegal trade practices, consumer fraud, spyware, spam, discrimination, and free speech.

Investor Protection Bureau

The Investor Protection Bureau protects investors, businesses, shareholders, and consumers. We also regulate brokers, investment advisors, and commodities professionals to make sure they are following the law. If we find that a business or professional is violating the law, we get remedies for investors and businesses, including monetary compensation.

Taxpayer Protection Bureau

Since its formation in 2011, the Taxpayer Protection Bureau has resolved investigations and cases in many areas, including construction services, financial services, income and sales-tax evasion, medical waste management, office supplies, school food services, software and data services, and workers' compensation.

Taxpayer Protection Bureau work