The Law Enforcement Misconduct Investigative Office, or LEMIO, seeks to protect the safety and civil rights of New Yorkers by preventing and remedying law enforcement misconduct.

LEMIO has statewide jurisdiction over New York’s 500+ local law enforcement agencies.  LEMIO investigates wrongdoing, examines departmental policies and procedures, makes recommendations for reform, and publicly reports its findings.

LEMIO was created by Executive Law 75, which also imposes two new requirements on law enforcement agencies.  First, Executive Law 75(5)(a) requires personnel to report information about wrongdoing to LEMIO.  Second, Executive Law 75(5)(b) requires agencies to refer to LEMIO instances in which their personnel have received five or more complaints within two years.

Where can I report misconduct? 

You may report information about misconduct through our online portal. This portal can be used by the public and by law enforcement officers and employees who are subject to Executive Law 75(5)(a).

We encourage you to report information about misconduct to the law enforcement agency involved before you report that information to LEMIO.  

LEMIO is required to inform agencies of allegations involving their personnel unless we determine that special circumstances require confidentiality.

What happens after a report is filed? 

We will carefully consider the information you provide. We will use your information to guide our investigative and enforcement activity. While we are unable to fully investigate every report of misconduct that we receive, every report that we receive helps guide our work.

We will forward your submission to the agency involved unless special circumstances require confidentiality.  We may share your submission with other local, state, or federal agencies as appropriate. 

We may ask you to provide additional information as needed.  Please note that we typically do not inform people who report misconduct of actions that we have taken regarding their submission.

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