Antitrust Bureau

The Antitrust Bureau, part of the Division of Economic Justice, is responsible for enforcing the antitrust laws to prevent anticompetitive practices, and to promote competition in New York State. The Bureau enforces New York State’s antitrust laws (the Donnelly Act) and also has the authority to sue for violations of federal antitrust laws (the Sherman and Clayton Acts). The Antitrust Bureau’s responsibilities include:

  • Using the Attorney General’s extensive investigative powers to probe into any arrangement or activity that appears to violate the antitrust laws;
  • Taking legal action to prevent or enjoin anticompetitive practices that are harmful to the public; and
  • Commencing civil or criminal actions against parties that have violated the antitrust laws to obtain damages and/or civil or criminal penalties.

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The Antitrust Bureau's staff directory is available here.

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