Consumer Issues

Privacy & identity theft

Data security breaches
An overview of New York state's security-breach law and what it means for you, the consumer

Facebook privacy and safety tips
How to protect your privacy and safety on Facebook

Identity theft information
What is identity theft?

Identity theft: how to protect yourself
Tips on how to protect yourself from identity theft

Wireless internet tips
The dangers of wireless “hot spots” and how to protect your computer in an unsecured environment

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Child safety

The Office of the New York State Attorney General helps protect children and families from internet crimes by aggressively prosecuting offenders, enforcing new safeguards through industry-wide agreements, and proposing legislative reform.

Protecting children online

Facebook privacy and safety for children

Cyberbullying information

Buying online

Online auction tips
Important tips on protecting yourself from online auction fraud

Online travel purchase tips
Important tips if you plan to make your travel arrangements online

Shopping online
Important tips on how to shop safely and securely online

Common online scams

Phishing information
How to recognize and avoid attempts to steal your personal information

Spyware information
Important tips for protecting yourself from malware and surreptitious software installations

Unwanted text message (SMS) spam
How to identify and protect yourself from unwanted text messages


Bureau of Internet and Technology

The Bureau of Internet and Technology (BIT) is committed to protecting consumers and families from new and developing online threats. As a pioneer in this field, the Office of the New York State Attorney General has brought cutting edge cases and entered important settlements related to a wide range of online and technology issues, including child safety, privacy, deceptive or illegal trade practices, consumer fraud, spyware, spam, discrimination, and free speech.