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The Office of the New York State Attorney General offers informational publications on a variety of issues important to New Yorkers. Readers may download copies by clicking on the links below. Publications are also available in print, in multiple copies, or in large print format. There is no charge for this service.

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  • Antitrust Enforcement in New York

  • Combating Fraud in Public Purchasing


  • Lemon Law Brochure 
    Provides information about New York’s “Lemon Laws”, which provide legal remedies for buyers of new and used cars that don’t conform to warranties.

  • Car Buying: Consumer Tips 
    Advice on researching vehicles, choosing a dealer and what to look for in a contract.

Online only (or call for copies)

  • NY's Used Car Lemon Law Guide | Used Car Lemon Law Arbitration Form
    This law provides both requirements for dealers of used vehicles under all circumstances as well as rights for consumers in the event that the car either cannot be repaired after at least three attempts or if the car is out of service for at least fifteen days.

  • NY's New Car Lemon Law Guide | New Car Lemon Law Arbitration Form
    This law provides protection for consumers of motor vehicles against all material defects for up to 18,000 miles or two years of purchase (whichever comes first). Problems must be reported in a timely fashion to either the manufacturer or the dealer.

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  • Advertising Guidelines for Auto Dealers 
    In conjunction with major auto dealers across New York State, the Office of the Attorney General has come up with a series of guidelines aimed at forging a more honest and therefore more competitive marketplace - thereby benefiting both dealers and consumers - by combating deceptive advertising by auto dealerships

  • Excess Wear Guide | New York's Auto Leasing Excess Wear & Damage Arbitration Program
    This consumers' guide emphasizes distinctions between leasing and purchasing vehicles. The Arbitration Program allows the consumer to exercise his or her legal right to challenge charges for excess wear and damage to the vehicle.

Charitable Giving

Charitable Organizations

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  • Charities Bureau Forms Index

Consumer Tips

  • IRS Scam – Brochure includes tips to avoid being scammed by con artists pretending to represent the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Military Scams
    Brochure describes scams often targeted at servicemembers and veterans, and offers tips to avoid them.

  • Foreclosure Prevention
    Provides information about free help for homeowners who may be facing foreclosure.

  • Payday Loans

  • Savvy Consumers 
    Some tips on making smart purchases and avoiding bad deals.

  • Summer Scams 
    Warm weather can bring out the scammers. Describes how to spot some common scams.

  • After the Storm
    Tips for dealing with repair contractors and avoiding price gouging in the wake of damaging storms.

  • Debt: Managing the Overload | En español
    Includes information about dealing with debt collectors, and seeking help from credit counseling agencies

  • Protect Your IdentityEn español
    An explanation of what exactly identity theft is and how it works, along with a series of key precautionary tips for consumers, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the utmost reasonable privacy of personal information and monitoring credit reports.

  • Tips for protecting your privacy: Don't Become a Victim of ID Theft
    Temporarily unavailable while being revised.

  • Identity Theft Kit: Tools to Take Back Your Financial Identity
    Straightforward directions on immediate steps to take if your identity or other personal information has been stolen.

  • Predatory Lending: How to protect yourself  (En español)  Chinese
    Tips for consumers on how to protect their finances, especially emphasizing the importance of consumers' understanding the terms of any agreements. There are also explanations of several common types of predatory lending.

  • Sweepstakes Tip Card  | En español
    This is a basic list of warnings and tips for New Yorkers about sweepstakes scams, emphasizing the benefits of skepticism.

  • Low-Cost Banking
    Brochure discusses low cost services that banks must provide consumers, as well as other options like prepaid debit cards.

  • Home Improvement Contractor Tip Card | (En español) 
    Home Improvement Contractor Tip Card

Online Publication

  • Service Members & Veterans Resource Guide
    This resource guide will help you navigate some of the most important rights and benefits that are available under both state and federal law.

Consumer Fraud

  • Wheelchair Lemon Law | Wheelchair Lemon Law Request-for-Arbitration Form
    This law provides protection for consumers of wheelchairs and gives them special rights in the event that the wheelchair turns out not to function within the written warranty and the manufacturer or dealer cannot appropriately repair it.

Civil Rights/Special Needs

  • Source of Income Discrimination - Brochure describes laws in some New York communities against discriminatory housing practices targeting those whose lawful incomes are derived from lawful sources other than wages.

  • Barriers to Re-entry En español– Brochure discusses criminal history discrimination in employment.

  • Language Access   | En español
    Brochure discusses laws and regulations that ensure access to information and services, regardless of an individual's primary language or hearing impairment.

  • Religious Rights in the Workplace   | Haitian
    Describes the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers in accommodating religious needs.

  • Fair Housing  | En español
    Discusses laws concerning discrimination in the rental, sale or financing of homes.

  • Employment Discrimination En español
    Discusses laws concerning discrimination in the workplace and the actions employees can consider when faced with it.

  • Service Animals Brochure
    Discusses the laws that protect individuals who rely upon service animals, particularly in public accommodations and housing.

  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace  | En español
    Explains what sexual harassment is, discusses the steps a victim of sexual harassment can take, and reminds the reader that in the event of a sexual harassment complaint, retaliation is discriminatory and therefore illegal.

  • Economic Empowerment
    Temporarily unavailable while being revised.

  • Protecting Access to Women's Health Care Services
    Explains regulations against protesters at women's health services and discusses rights of patients as well as of those that work at the facility, like doctors, nurses, and other staff.

  • Victims of Domestic Violence 
    Know Your RightsBrochure outlines fair housing and employment rights for victims of domestic violence.

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  • The Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act |En español
    This page enumerates basic provisions of SONDA (rights it provides, who exactly receives protection) and explains steps to take if the reader believes he or she has been the subject of discrimination.

Crime & Safety:

  • Combating Designer Drugs
    Describes the dangers surrounding the sale and use of synthetic marijuana and other designer drugs.

  • Crime Victims Bill of Rights English  | Chinese | En español
    This list provides a summary of victims' rights established over the past thirty years; categories of rights are: Right to Know, Victim Involvement, Making Victims Whole, Protection for Crime Victims, and Help for Victims.


  • Going Solar: Tips and Considerations for Homeowners 
    Brochure describes some common options and issues to consider for homeowners interested in installing solar panels.

  • Microbeads, Mega-Problem 
    Offers information for consumers on how to identify and avoid personal care products containing plastic beads that contaminate New York waterways.

  • Lead Paint Poisoning – Keep Your Home and Children Safe | En español
    Tips for avoiding and testing for lead paint poisoning, as well as a discussion of consumer rights when renting, owning and improving your home.

  • Mold in Your Home
    Brochure offers advice on removing mold from your home in the aftermath of a storm and flooding.

  • Green Tips: Saving Energy, Saving Money

  • Green Tips: Fighting Global Warming On the Road

  • Oil and Gas Leases: Landowners’ Rights
    Provides definitions of many terms used in oil and gas leases and provides tips for those considering leasing their land.

  • Radon in your home (Publication removed for revision.)
    The dangers of radon, how to measure the radon concentration in a home, and ways to reduce radon levels.

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  • Idling Trucks and Buses
    Idling trucks and buses are bad for human health as well as the environment, and such violations should be reported whenever possible.

  • Integrated Pest Management: An Introduction
    This explanation opens with a discussion of IPM's holistic approach, explains how it works for outdoor pests, and gives useful references.

  • Radon: The Invisible Intruder (Publication removed for revision.)
    Provided here are explanations of what radon is, how it can be excessively exposed to humans, and potential health hazards. There is a helpful map of New York State showing where the highest radon levels occur. Also discussed are how to test for radon and how to prevent/reduce radon in the home.


  • Advance Directives: Making Your Wishes Known and Honored
    This document recommends that New Yorkers plan in advance for end-of-life healthcare. It gives reasons for doing so, as well as information on advance directives, pain management, hospice care, and organ donation, among other topics.

  • Mental Health Parity Brochure 
    Offers consumers information concerning health insurance coverage for mental health and substance abuse services.

  • Mold in Your Home
    Brochure offers advice on removing mold from your home in the aftermath of a storm and flooding.

  • Indoor Tanning: Know the Risks.
    Know the Facts : Dispelling Myths and Misconceptions

  • Shopping for Health Insurance: Helpful Tips for Open Enrollment
    Provides information and tips for choosing health insurance plans on the “New York State of Health” website.

  • Health Plan Networks: Avoid Surprise if Caught Outside 
    Discusses the added, and sometimes unexpected, costs of obtaining health care outside of your insurance networks.

  • Residential Care: Protecting Patients from Abuse and Neglect En español

  • Real Problems with Health Care, Real Solutions for New Yorkers. | En español | Chinese
    This brochure explains how the Office of the Attorney General's Healthcare Bureau safeguards consumers’ health care rights by mediating disagreements, providing information and investigating cases of fraud and abuse.

  • Health & Rx Discount Cards
    This brochure explains how discount cards are supposed to work and gives advice on making smart purchases and avoiding deceptive scams. It also describes some alternatives and offers services from both the Consumer Frauds and Protections Bureau as well as the healthcare Bureau of the Office of the Attorney General.

  • Urgent Care Centers 
    Explains how urgent care centers can fit into consumers' health care options.


  • Immigrant Tenant Rights | En español
    Discusses the rights of immigrant tenants in New York, and provides resources for more information and guidance.

  • Tenants Rights | En español
    An explanation of leases, rent, habitability requirements, safety issues, utility services, and tenants' personal protections. Does not address cooperative or condominium housing issues.

  • Manufactured Home Tenant's Rights
    What manufactured homes are, issues of discrimination, issues of habitability, regulations on leases, matters of rent and other payments, eviction, and various rights of tenants.

  • Understanding and Dealing with Co-op Board of Directors | (En español)
    Discusses rules regulating and powers designated to the board of directors of cooperatives, information about leases and other documents and tips for tackling problems.

  • How to Handle Problems with a Condo Board of Managers 
    In a question-and-answer format, this page addresses rules regulating and powers designated to the Board of Managers, information about written documents, the Condominium Act, how best to tackle the problem, roles of sponsors, and how the Office of the Attorney General may be able to help in some circumstances.

Immigration Fraud

  • Immigration Services Fraud: Know Your Rights!

  • Immigration Services Fraud: Know Your Rights! (Spanish version)

  • Immigration Services Fraud: Know Your Rights! (Haitian version)

  • Immigration Services Fraud: Know Your Rights! (Chinese version)

  • Immigration Services Fraud: Know Your Rights! (Tagalog version)


  • Your Child's D.I.G.I.T.A.L Life

  • Stay Safe online (Teens)
    These tips remind teens about the importance of keeping information private, especially in cases where revealing information might seem less obvious, like through screen names or chat rooms.

Online Viewing Only

  • Understanding the Internet: Glossary of Technology Terms 
    This booklet consists of a list of clear definitions of technological terms, especially those related to computers and the Internet.

  • Making Travel Arrangements online 
    This list of precautions about making travel arrangements online, called "Online Travel Tips," discusses searching for fares, online payment, online services' potentially disclaiming responsibility, issues with e-tickets, and specials only available on certain sites.

Investor Protection

  • Before You Invest, Investigate
    Tips on avoiding scams and making informed decisions on investment opportunities.

  • What to Consider Before Buying a Franchise
    This booklet emphasizes the importance of research and skepticism for potential franchisees. It primarily aims to help potential franchisees to avoid illegitimate franchises and to make them aware of potential difficulties in the franchisor-franchisee relationship balance.


  • On The Job  | En español  | Chinese
    New York State protects the rights of all workers. This brochure discusses those rights and where to find help if the rights are violated.

  • Service Members & Veterans Resource Guide
    This resource guide will help you navigate some of the most important rights and benefits that are available under both state and federal law.

Public Integrity

  • Local Ethics Codes: Get It in Writing
    Local government are required to establish local codes. Brochure provides information about what needs to be included.
  • Career Opportunities in the Office of the Attorney General 
    Interested in protecting the rights of New Yorkers? Here is how to apply for a job or internship in the Office of the Attorney General.


  • Smart Seniors, Smart Investors: Don't be Scammed  
    Tips for older adults about making smart investments and avoiding investment fraud.

  • Smart Seniors | En español 
    This booklet is aimed at helping senior citizens better understand how to protect themselves against scams, threats to their health, and elder abuse.

  • A Housing Guide for Senior Citizens
    This guide addresses such key issues as age discrimination, harassment, Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE), alternative housing, in-home assistance, financial assistance, help with electric and gas utilities, and help with telephone service.


Student Lending

  • Students, Credit Cards and Banking
    Raise your Financial IQ: Brochure offers tips on applying for and using credit cards and banking services.

  • Student Loans
    Raise your Financial IQ: Brochure explains different types of student loans and offers tips on smart borrowing.


Online Viewing Only

  • Switching or Canceling Long-Distance Service
    These tips address how a consumer can confirm that he or she has long-distance service, what to consider when switching companies, how to switch companies, and how to cancel service.

  • Wireless phones
    This list of tips reminds consumers to be careful in choosing among various plans by considering what exactly they do and do not need, extra fees, durations of contracts, and problems with "dead zones.

For questions about publications, including requesting copies, help in determining quantities needed, or obtaining specialized formats, please contact:

Public Information
Office of the New York State Attorney General
Fax 518-650-9401


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